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Custom tied flies for the ultimate fishing experience on the Bitterroot River or wherever you decide to catch the perfect fish.

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What stands in your way of catching the big one?

Ever find yourself on the banks of the Bitterroot River feeling frustrated and discouraged? Perhaps you wonder:

  • Am I casting right? 
  • Is this the best fly to have on the end of my line? 
  • How do I “read” the water to know where to cast?
  • Would it be possible to tie my own fly?

The big one is there.
It's waiting for you.

Even a bad day of fishing is fun. But it’s even better when you have some skills and tools to catch the big one. 

That’s where I can help you. With over 40 years of fishing experience, I can help you tie the perfect fly, learn to cast or even just sell you some hand-crafted flies tied here in Hamilton, MT.



Every single fly I sell I made myself, right here in Hamilton, MT. These are flies that I know work based on 40 years of experience.


Casting Lessons

It’s more than whipping your rod back and forth. There’s a science to it. Let me teach you how on a manicured lawn with targets.

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fly tying lessons

Sit across the table from me working at your own vice and I’ll teach you how to tie your own fly. Easy to learn and fun to do.


Google Review

Chuck knows every detail about tying flies. He is a wonderful person to talk to. I had a fantastic time learning about Chuck and picking his mind about what I should use and where I should try. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with use.

Visit the Shop

Come check out a wide assortment of flies tied here in the Bitterroot Valley. I also sell jewelery, earrings and hat pins all made out of flies. 

4 miles south of Hamilton at 210 Center Street.

Chuck Haroutunian

"Chuck the Fly Guy"

Ever since I was driving down the road 40 years ago and saw a man with a big Rainbow trout on the end of his line, I’ve been hooked. Fishing is my joy. But teaching others the skills to fish is my true passion. Come check out my flies and sign up for a class to tie your own flies or take a casting lesson. 

210 Center Street | Hamilton, MT 59840

Ready? Let's Catch the Big One

It starts with the right fly. Hand crafted here in Hamilton, MT.
Come into the store at 210 Center Street where you can either buy the perfect fly,
make your own and then learn how to use that fly on the end of the perfect cast to land the big one.